Due to the importance of continuous supply of electrical energy at downstream levels (consumers) to achieve this goal, frequent monitoring of destructive factors at medium and weak pressure levels is of great importance. One of the destructive factors in this part of the power transmission network due to the high current level is the heat caused by various connections that cause destruction or loosening of these connections over time. Therefore, frequent monitoring of temperature will be one of the ways to prevent accidents. The lack of easy access to the connection point of the equipment including high pressure switches (20 and 33 kV which are placed in closed compartments), the impossibility of instant temperature monitoring, as well as the impossibility of wiring due to high pressure privacy and the installation of usual temperature sensors, we has decided to design and build wireless systems and equipment with the ability to withstand insulation up to 35 kV level of instantaneous and online temperature monitoring.

Due to the increasing need for temperature monitoring in electronic and electrical industries, the market for wireless temperature sensor products is growing. These sensors can automatically measure the temperature and send information related to the temperature to the management system. These capabilities increase accuracy, reduce human errors and increase efficiency in electrical equipment.

Wireless temperature measurement systems are widely used in various industries such as automotive, electrical, food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, etc. Due to the ever-increasing growth of electronic and electrical industries, the market of these products is expected to increase and expand in the future.

As a new technology, wireless temperature sensors are easier to install and use, as well as reduce installation and configuration costs, compared to wired sensors. In general, due to the importance of temperature monitoring in electronic and electrical industries, the market of wireless temperature sensors products will be more prosperous in the future.

The sensors of this system are connected wirelessly in two modes, without battery and with battery, at the connection point with the help of insulating fasteners. The measured temperature information is connected to an information collector with the help of wireless protocols of industrial environments and the information is sent to the server in a secure environment through a modem. This information can be displayed by different software.

This product can be used in the medium and low pressure parts of the power transmission network or even in various industries that have high consumption of electrical energy (such as cement factories, petrochemical companies and existing refineries). The place of application of this equipment is mostly in the place of connections and high current electrical panel up to 33 kV levels, bushings and high pressure switches in sensitive and critical points that need to be monitored. The main purpose of making and monitoring the temperature with the help of the proposed system is to prevent accidents that are caused by the increase in temperature in the medium pressure connections of the electrical system. In most cases, in medium pressure systems, the load is distributed almost equally between different phases. Therefore, it is expected that the temperature in medium pressure connections, which include medium and weak pressure switches (400 V , 20 kV and 33 kV ) , the connection point of cables and bushings of transformers, will be approximately equal. Thermal and mechanical stresses and structural defects of the equipment over time are factors that reduce the strength of these connections over time and will result in an increase in temperature in one phase or all three phases. The process of increasing the temperature until the accident occurs in this equipment does not happen instantly, which makes it possible for the user to detect the errors caused by the temperature before the accident. One of the ways to detect faults in this equipment is the temperature difference between different phases, which can be detected by software. Also, an increase in loading exceeding the permissible limit will also result in an increase in temperature in all connections, which will be similarly detectable and preventive. The information about the temperature before reaching the critical values will be informed by the written software to the user in different ways such as SMS.