The PFK stationary, portable and mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers are used for transformer oil degasification, dehydration, filtration and optional de-acidification. The plant works equally as well with other electrical insulating liquids such as silicone fluids. The Vacuum-Filter Process is able to increase and maintain the oil’s dielectric strength by removing free and soluble water, free and dissolved gases and particulate matter. The standard Transformer Oil Purifier is designed for processing oil in workshops, storage tanks or directly in energized or de-energized transformers. PFK offers a variety of Transformer Oil Purifier flow rates and options to suit every customer’s requirement. Optional features offered are conventional Fuller’s Earth filter(s) or column(s) for acidity and color rectification.

In addition, PFK offers Transformer Oil Purifiers to treat cable oils including many other applications outside of the electrical industry. For example, electronic and radar equipment, vacuum pump sealing oils, brake fluid and refrigeration oils.

PFK manufactures customized Transformer Oil Purifier to meet your specific transformer oil purification and transformer oil filtration needs.

PFK offers many options with this system including operation on Live Transformers. Utilizing the LM Option (Level Monitoring), the Transformer Oil Purifier does not alter oil level in transformer. This avoids potential oil drainage from the transformer while it is energized. PFK supply a Valve Assembly Box that contains automatic valves and air eliminators. This Portable Valve Box Assembly is installed adjacent to the transformer, connected to the transformer inlet and outlet as well as to the plant inlet and outlet hoses.